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S Geology Course Details

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A/S Geology affords candidates the opportunity to study geological processes that operate at and below the Earth’s surface, the evidence of past cheap jerseys life and the uses made of geological materials. Through cheap jerseys this course learners will also cover the processes and products that form our planet and its rocks.

Five Reasons to Study this Course at Chichester1. Creative teachingWhat will I Study?A/S Geology consists of three units: Global tectonics investigates: Earth structure, earthquakes, continental drift, sea floor spreading and plate tectonics and geological structures Rocks Processes and Products investigates: The rock cycle, igneous processes and products, sedimentary processes and products and metamorphic processes and products Practical skills in geology: Students undertake practical and fieldwork which is then evaluated in a report

How will I be Taught?Students wholesale jerseys currently have 4.5 hours of in class taught sessions and practicals in a week. Additionally students are expected to undertake a further 4.5 hours of additional reading and study per week. Classroom activities include group work, practicals and exam wholesale nhl jerseys focused sessions preparing students to apply their knowledge in the geologyy exam. Students also have opportunities to learn through Chionline and in the college library.

How will I be Assessed?Global tectonics 30% of the total AS GCE 1 h written paper short answer questions Rocks processes and products 50% of the total AS GCE 1 h 45 min written paper Practical skills in geology 20% of the total AS GCE marks Coursework 40 marks completing two tasks set by OCR. .

What our students say?Students say that it is a good match with geography as the subjects support one another. The course is also suitable for students who prefer a courswork element in the assessment process. The prices shown are for home students only. Fee information for international students is available in the International section.

Where the course is for more than one year, the price shown is for the first year only (except for NVQs) and prices for subsequent years will be published when available.

Students who are under 19 on 31st August in the academic year in which they start their course, will be exempt from tuition fees on the majority of courses.

Students aged 24 or over undertaking a course at Level 3 or above may have to pay a higher fee based on Government funding regulations. Please contact Admissions on 01243 786321 for confirmation.

The College reserves the right to withdraw courses, limit recruitment and where necessary make significant changes to fees payable dependent on the number of students enrolled for a course or due to changes in legislation.Articles Connexes´╝Ü